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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Equipment

– Performing works on pipe laying by the HDD method
Development and introduction of energy saving technologies

Trenchless communication laying by the HDD method in Volgodonsk, Mart, 2010

    A bore hole was made by the HDD method in Volgodonsk by the order of OOO PSK Universalstroy. The work was made for water supply system laying.
    The type of soil is loamy soil (consisting of 80% of clay).
    The hole length was 30 meters, the maximum hole depth was 2 meters; a steel pipe 325mm in diameter was pulled. The work was complicated by the weather conditions: slush, snowstorm, the air temperature was 4 degrees below 0, the wind speed was 12m/sec. The works were done and completed for 8 hours.

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