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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Equipment

 Performing works on pipe laying by the HDD method
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Participation in the international exhibition of trenchless technologies No-Dig2010

    The research - and - production complex Gidrofob Remszvyazmontaj as a domestic producer of Horizontal Directional Drilling equipment demonstrated its products at The International exhibition of trenchless technologies No-Dig2010 held in the Krokus Ekspo, Moscow from 1 to 4 June 2010.
    HDD equipment of the worlds biggest producers was shown there.
    The equipment displayed by the NPK Gidrofob aroused the HDD professionals great interest. Special attention was devoted to a NEW modernized machine UGNB-3M4, practically not having competitors in quality and price at the world market. The ditch-type machine is intended for controllable horizontal directional drilling at a distance up to 200m with further enlargement up to 450mm in diameter. An oil-pumping station has two variants of packaging arrangement: in the first case the apparatus has a domestic engine, in the other the apparatus has an import engine. The hydraulic part is built using a regulated type hydraulic motor Sauer-Danfoss. The price of the whole complex UGNB-3M4 is 4.7 million rubles, that is much lower than prices for similar machines of both domestic and import production.
    The machine was appreciated highly by the foreign colleagues in the sphere of trenchless technologies. So the American company DCI, the worlds leader in production of location systems for HDD machines, offered us long-term cooperation. Now our clients buying the machine UGNB-3M4 can buy a new multifunctional location system DigiTrak F2 or DigiTrak SE at a much lower retail price.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine UGNB-3M4

    Also the agreement has been reached that for all clients who bought the location system DigiTrak Mark III with any drilling equipment of the NPK Gidrofob production, the company DCI carries out the diagnostics of location systems at no charge.
    Another hit of sales among housing and communal services, water supplying, gas and electricity service is the Horizontal Drilling Machine UGB-2h. The machine at price 230 thousand rubles has become a ring-buoy for housing and communal services with limited budgets. It is intended for horizontal bore holes drilling at a distance up to 30 meters with further enlargement up to 220mm in diameter. The characteristics suit the absolute majority of housing and communal services. Our sales more than 100 complexes a year made us the envy of our competitors.

Horizontal Drilling Machine UGB-2h

    The diamond of the line of the NPK Gidrofob products became a self-propelled Horizontal Directional Drilling machine with automatic process of drilling - UGNB-4, a direct competitor to American and German producers of such machinery (it is the first self-propelled machine of Russian production). The main feature of the machine is its price that is 1.5-2 times lower and at the same time the machine has the same technical characteristics. Its important to note its high quality and reliability. Hydraulic part of the machine is made of component parts of Sauer-Danfoss. The machine employs hydraulic pumps of regulated type. The control over the operative parts is carried out by the means of electronically controlled manipulators.

Horizontal Directional Drilling machine UGNB-4

    Finally, it is important to note that the research-and-productive complex Gidrofob as a domestic developer and producer of HDD equipment - stands on its own feet, faces the future with confidence, presses the competitors and provides the market with more and more perfect machinery. In a word, the NPK Gidrofob RSM proves that the saying Domestic producer becomes the mark of quality and trust!

The NPK Gidrofob stand at the exhibition No-Dig2010.

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