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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Equipment

 Performing works on pipe laying by the HDD method
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Awarding the Mark of South-Russian Quality, November, 2010

    7 December, 2010 is a remarkable day for the OOO NPK Gidrofob. Interregional Public Association Union Federation of Consumer Societies of Rostov Region awarded our company The Certificate of High consumer evaluation and the Mark of South-Russian Quality. The President of South-Russian Club of Honest Business A.V. Firsov, The President of Federation of Consumer Societies of South Region A.N. Doljenko, The President of Municipal Public Organization Volgodonsk Consumer Association T.V. Dodonova and other representatives of public and commercial organization of our town participated in the solemn occasion. A number of important aspects was noted in the reports:
    - The OOO NPK Gidrofob is the only Russian producer of equipment for Horizontal Directional Drilling;
    - The wide range and equipment reliability;
    - The wide geographical coverage of the territory: the equipment is delivered all over Russia from Belgorod to Nahodka, from Yakutsk to Krasnodar;
    - The OOO NPK Gidrofob has a broad experience both in production of equipment and carrying out works on Horizontal Directional Drilling.
    Also it was proposed that the OOO NPK Gidrofob should join the South-Russian Club of Honest Business in the nearest future.

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