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OAO UTK held a seminar in Rostov, January, 2011

    The OOO NPK Gidrofob participated in the seminar held by the OAO UTK on 27 January, 2011 in Rostov.
    The Head of LONIIS cable laboratory, Academician at Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences Parfenov U.A., General Director of the NPK Gidrofob Voznuk N.M., Director of NPK Gidrofob, the Candidate of Economic Science, the Corresponding Member of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences Voznuk V.N. and Senior Engineer Vasin E.V. participated in the seminar.
    The Director of the OOO NPK Gidrofob made a report on the subject Restoration and encapsulation of trunk lines and cables with polyethylene insulation technologies, and also carried out a master class on restoration of cables with polyethylene insulation by the means of the machine UVK-MM-2 and Hydrophobic filler GFZ-K-NTof its own production.
    The master-class attracted interest and specialists of Rostovelektrosvyaz expressed their opinion that it had great practical meaning in the sphere of resource saving technologies. Also the quantity of the Hydrophobic filler required for operating the machine UVK-MM-2 during one season was detected.
    At the same time holding with the seminar Director of NPK Gidrofob Voznuk V.N. received Shillers honorable medal for an outstanding contribution to the sphere of development of resource saving technologies on cable lines.

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