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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Equipment

 Performing works on pipe laying by the HDD method
Development and introduction of energy saving technologies

Participation in two international building exhibitions: Stroitelnaya tehnika i tehnologii'2011 (STT2011) and CityPipe 2011, June, 2011

    From 31 May to 4 June the OOO NPK Gidrofob RSM participated in two international building exhibitions: Stroitelnaya tehnika i tehnologii'2011 (STT2011) having the lead among annual international building machines and equipment exhibitions, and CityPipe 2011. Every year the forums become the main event in the sphere of building machines and equipment. Participants demonstrate their latest technical innovations and technological developments in the field of building construction, construction of roads and bridges, production, restoration and operation of special machinery, development and improvement of building equipment and, particularly, in operation of pipeline systems of municipal infrastructure.
    In the opening day of the forums it was underlined that they had been and were the place, where producers and customers met, all biggest representatives of the field gathered and important business tasks were settled. The OOO NPK Gidrofob displayed its production in three places at once, at two stands and one outside ground.
    At the international exhibitions STT2011 and CityPipe 2011 the OOO NPK Gidrofob RSM showed the full series of equipment of its own production:

- UGB-2M, a modernized cheap machine for drilling at a distance up to 30m and laying pipes up to 220mm in diameter. The main advantages of the machine are mobility and transportability, easy in operation and technical service, no need in consumables and therefore low cost of works, long operating life and suitability for work in the field. More than 250 machines have been sold in Russia in whole, including more than 150 modernized UGB-2M machines. Since 2007 OAO Bashinformsvyaz, a regular partner of the OOO NPK Gidrofob, has bought 14 such machines. In 2010 they laid more than 15 kilometers of communication cables.

    - UGNB-3M4, a modernized machine intended for drilling horizontal bore holes at a distance up to 200m with enlargement up to 450mm under railways and roads, in bounded conditions with capital construction projects located near. The main advantages of the machine are a combination of high power and compact size; the machine is supplied in complete packaging arrangement that allows to start working at once; the machine requires a very small ditch; the hydraulic hoses are connected by means of quick-detachable junctions; the drill strings are connected and disconnected automatically; special drilling fluid is pumped into the drilling zone. All over the country from Yakutsk to Krasnodar 14 such machines are operated. In 2010 OOO Baikalspecstroy based in Irkutsk laid over 5 kilometers of undercrossing of different diameters (from 110mm to 325mm) by the means of the machine.

    -UGNB-4, a new the OOO NPK Gidrofob RSM product, the first Russian self-propelled Horizontal Directional Drilling machine, intended for horizontal controllable drilling with further enlargement up to 600mm at a distance up to 300m. The main features of the machine are a combination of a compact size and travelling function; rubber tracks allow to move not spoiling and destroying road carpet; the anchoring system prevents the drilling machine from falling and steadies it (4 anchors); drill strings are connected automatically; the drilling machine has an interchangeable magazine for 44 drill strings (132m long); the process of drilling is carried out by the means of joysticks; the machine is operated distantly by the means of the remote panel; the control over drilling head position is realized with the help of location system DigiTrak SE/F2/Eclipce. Hydraulic part of the machine is made of component parts of Sauer-Danfoss. The machine employs hydraulic pumps of regulated type. The control over the operative parts is carried out by the means of electronically controlled manipulators. Travelling over the operating site and descent from a trailer is carried out by the means of the remote panel connected with the machine with 3m cable. During tests and practical works the OOO NPK Gidrofob laid 7 kilometers of underground passages and undercrossing of different diameters (from 110mm to 500mm) by the means of the machine. We worked in different regions of Russia and in different soils in sand (Kalmykia), quick ground (Svetlograd, Stavropol Territory), clay and loamy soil (Rostov Region), soil with detritus (Rostov Region). For the work done NPK has received a number of positive opinions from OOO Telekommunikatsionnye i radiorelyeinye sistemy, by their order 3 bore holes were made by the HDD method in Republic of Kalmykia; OOO Stroycompleks, by their order 2 underground passage were made in Volgodonsk, and other organizations.

    - TR-1-80, the newest product of the OOO NPK Gidrofob is a pipe destructor. Such a machine is the first and, to date, the only Russian product of such nature. Due to the pipe destructor the works are carried out by the method of hydraulic pipeline destruction consisting in destruction of an old pipe and simultaneous pulling a new pipe of the same or bigger diameter along the old bore hole under the ground, without spoiling the road. Method of destruction is the most widely spread method of pipeline sanitation in the world. The technology has found wide application in replacement of cast-iron, steel, reinforced-concrete and other types of pipes by polyethylene ones, practically eternal pipes of the water supply system, the sewerage system and the heat network. TR-1-80 destroys old pipes and at the same time pulls a new pipe 110, 160, 225, 315, 350 mm in diameter. The main technical characteristics of the new pipe destructor are machine capacity 80 tones; diameter of the destructible pipe up to 350mm; length of the destructible pipe up to 100m; the destructor has been built on the base of UGNB-3M4 machine that allows to lay new communications by the HDD method and lay new communications by the method of the old pipes destruction at the same time. The combination of two types of equipment gives a number of advantages: unification of junctions and aggregates; capacity of complex equipment using; capacity of carrying out practically any types of works on laying and restoration of communications.

    At the exhibitions our representatives saw our competitors achievements. It should be noted that such leaders of the field as Ditch Witch and Vermeer displayed the samples of high quality and showed their innovation ideas as usual. But it is gratifying to know that the OOO NPK Gidrofob analogous production is not inferior to theirs either in quality or modernity, and at the same time it is by 40% cheaper. At the exhibitions a lot of Chinese production was shown. And here the situation is quite different: the equipment is much cheaper than machines of the other producers, but Chinese machines are 10 years old, they cant compete with others in quality and manufacturability.
    The OOO NPK Gidrofob showed successfully its innovative products at the last Forum. Finally, at the STT2011 and CityPipe 2011 exhibitions 17 contracts for equipment delivery were negotiated, also the company established business-like cooperation with more than 300 new business partners.
    In whole the OOO NPK Gidrofob is planning not only to modernize completely a line of existing equipment but also put into production 5 new models by 2014.

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