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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Equipment

Ц Performing works on pipe laying by the HDD method
Development and introduction of energy saving technologies

The working visit of the Governor of Rostov Region Golubev V.U. and the Mayor of Volgodonsk Firsov V.A. NPK Gidrofob RSM

    17 August, 2011 the Governor of Rostov Region Golubev V.U. and the mayor of Volgodonsk Firsov V.A. visited the research-and-productive complex Gidrofob Remsyvazmontaj within the working visit and with purpose to acquaint themselves with innovative enterprises of our town.

    The whole production range produced by the plant was shown to the visitors.
    Vasiliy Golubev paid special attention to a new product of the plant Ц a pipe destructor TR-1-80. It helps replace quickly old pipes made of steel, cast iron or reinforced concrete by new polyethylene pipes the lifespan of that practically is not limited.

The Governor is acquainting himself with TR-1-80

News video Visit of the Governor of Rostov Region to the NPK Gidrofob RSM.

    Governor took an interest to the sell-propelled horizontal directional drilling machine UGNB-4M that doesnТt come short in its technical characteristics and quality to analogs produced abroad. Demonstrated machine allows to carry out drilling at a distance up to 300m, with further enlargement of the hole up to 600mm.

The Governor is asking about UGNB-4M

    The horizontal drilling machine UGB-2M also aroused great interest as it is an economical variant for holding works in small towns, settlements when water supply systems, gas pipelines, electric and telephone networks being laid.

    The Director of NPK Gidrofob showed the guests the technology of cable line restoration. The technology has been introduced all over Russia by the research-and-productive complex Gidrofob with LOCNIIS since 2002. The advantage of the technology is a great economical effect as costs on cables restoration done by the method are 5-6 times lower than costs on restoration done by usual replacement.

The Director of NPK Gidrofob is acquainting the guests with the restoration technology
    Vasiliy Golubev noted that it was necessary to develop production of domestic machinery. He wished success to the plant that would favour the development and prosperity of the town and Donskoy kray.

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