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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Equipment

Ц Performing works on pipe laying by the HDD method
Development and introduction of energy saving technologies

A new product made by NPK Gidrofob Ц a pipe destructor

    The OOO NPK Gidrofob has put its latest development Ц the pipe destructor Ц into series production. Such a machine is the first and the only domestic product of such nature to date.
    In cramped urban conditions there is no free place to lay communications near old pipelines very often. More than that, the ban on spoiling covering of roadways is coming into effect little by little and also on the works carried out by a cut-and-cover method. In these conditions the rehabilitation of the pipelines by the method of destruction is the only alternative.
    The destruction is the most commonly used method among other methods of restoration of old pipelines, including a pipe-in-pipe technology and others. By the means of the hydraulic destructor old pipes made of steel, cast iron or reinforced concrete are quickly replaced by new polyethylene pipes with practically unlimited lifespan.
    The hydraulic destructor allows to destroy old pipes with simultaneous pulling new ones 110, 160, 225, 315, 425 and more mm in diameter. Retubing carried out by the method of destruction has a number of obvious advantages in comparison with a cut-and-cover method of retubing.

Video Pipe Destructor TR-1-80 in operation (on the surface):

“рубный разрушитель “–-1-80 в работе (на поверхности):

    Some advantages of the method:
- The method of destruction is much cheaper than the cut-an-cover method and faster in many times, as well (250m a day);
- Speed of retubing is 1 meter per a minute (with no account taken of time for preparation), as a result a pipeline is out of work during maximum short period;
- If necessary, the pipe can be increased in diameter up to 30% of existing diameter;
- The method allows to replace the pipes made of any materials (including steel, polyethylene, reinforced concrete).

    The main technical characteristics of the new destructor:
- Actual power Ц 80 tons;
- The diameter of a destructible pipe is up to 350mm;
- The length of a destructible pipe is up to 100 meters.

    The destructor has been built on the base of UGNB-3M4 machine that gives the opportunity:
- to lay new communications by the HDD method
- to lay new communications by the method of the old pipes destruction at the same time.

    The combination of two types of equipment gives a number of advantages:
Х unification of junctions and aggregates;
Х capacity of complex equipment using;
Х capacity of carrying out practically any types of works on laying and restoration of communications.

    More than that, such combination allows to reduce the price for an equipment and get the best quality-price ratio.     Thereby, the whole complex (consisting of a destructor and a machine UGNB-3M4) will cost a client about 7 million rubles that is cheaper almost by 40% than any import destructor or any import horizontal directional drilling machine.

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