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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Equipment

 Performing works on pipe laying by the HDD method
Development and introduction of energy saving technologies

Horizontal Drilling Machine UGB-2M4 (GBM)

    A Horizontal Drilling Machine UGB-2M4 (GBM) is a new product of the NPK Gidrofob Remsvyazmontazh.
    The Machine UGB-2M4 (GBM) is intended for drilling horizontal and angular holes used in laying communication lines, water supply system, gas pipeline, cables of different purposes, when drilling is carried out under the motor roads at a distance up to 50m.
    The Machine can also be used for drilling vertical holes up to 50m depths.

The Horizontal Drilling Machine UGB-2M4 (GBM) is in operating position:

The Machine UGB-2M4 (GBM) is in operation

UGB-2M4 (GBM) features:

- Small dimensions and modular construction allows to carry out works in places difficult of access;
- Construction universality allows to carry out different types of work;
- Hydraulic drive of the Machine that doesnt require using hard physical labour;
- Removing soil by water or drilling fluid allows to drill boreholes in soils of different types;
- Quick make-ready of the machine and easy operation that doesnt require qualified personnel;
- Used method of the fluid reuse allows to carry out works without great water consumption;
- Pipe pulling by reverse motion.

Technical characteristics of the Machine UGB-2M4 (GBM):



Drilling borehole diameter, mm

Up to 200

Drilling length, m


Drilling depth of a water borehole, m


Feed force, t


Speed of tool rotation, rpm


Tool torsion torque, nm


Petrol engine

Honda GX-390 13 h.p.

Dimensions L/W/H, mm


Total mass (with tools), kg


The UGB-2M4 (GBM) package


Number, piece

Drilling machine


Oil station completed with high-pressure hoses


Drilling string d 48, conical tool-joint thread -53 L=1250mm


Drill head d 80mm


Reamer d 160mm


Reamer d 200mm


Collet fastener for a plastic pipe d 63mm


Collet fastener for a plastic pipe d 110mm


Collet fastener for a plastic pipe d 160mm


Monoblock pump 208ST with hoses


Anchor strap G2130 I-4.75t type




Tube wrench


Drive anchor


Wrench and accessories set


Operation order with UGB-2M4 (GBM) when drilling angular and horizontal boreholes

    The knocked-down Drilling Machine is brought to the place where the works are planned to carry out.
    The main parts:
    - Main frame;
    - Drill jib with movable carriage;
    - Oil station with controllers;
    - Pump with hoses for dirty water;
    - Drilling pipes with tools and accessories,
    The Machine is assembled, anchored and prepared at the place where the works are planned to carry out.
    If necessary to drill horizontal borehole in a ditch then the ditch 2.5m1.3m sized is excavated; and its depth must be 0.3m more than the depth of the borehole. The Machine is bottomed part by part and assembled there. After that two ditches 0.5m0.5m sized and 0.5m depth is excavated. The first ditch should be near the edge of the borehole, the second one should be excavated by 15-20cm father. The ditches are covered with polyethylene film to reduce the water loss during the drilling. The ditches should be connected among themselves by a small trench at the upper part.
    The essence of the method is in the following: wastewater gets from the borehole to the first ditch where the soil carried by the water sinks. The treated water gets to the second ditch along the trench where is pumped by the pump, and then the water is pumped to the drilling zone through the water swivel at the Drilling Machine, drilling strings and drill head where it takes the soil particles and remove them from the borehole.
    When the pilot hole is completed a pipe up to 76mm in diameter is pulled by the reverse motion without an additional enlargement.
    If necessary to lay the pipe of larger diameter, then a proper reamer is attached and the borehole is enlarged.
    When the enlargement is completed the pipe is pulled by the Machine.

Operation order with UGB-2M4 (GBM) when drilling vertical boreholes

    When vertical drilling is carried out, the assembly and preparations of the machine are the same, except the fact that the drill head has larger diameter necessary for lowering-in a case pipe into a borehole. The drilling is carried out without further enlargement.

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