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It is intended for restoration and stabilization of electrical specifications of faulty (wet) cable sections with polyethylene insulation.

New hydrophobic fillers the hydrophobic low-temperature cable filler GFZ-K-NT and the hydrophobic low-temperature clutch filler GFZ-M-NT have been developed in collaboration with LONIIS and The Institute of Chemistry at Saratov State University.

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The Hydrophobic filler GFZ-K-NT is produced according with TU 2513-002-509046666-02, it has a sanitary-and-epidemiologic certificate and compatibility details.

The main advantages of GFZ-K-NT in comparison with the other hydrophobic fillers:

It can restore cables with polyethylene insulation up to 250m within 6 hours.

 The filler can be pumped when temperature is above -10C or below +50C.

 The filler is compatible with cable elements.

 The filler doesnt become more viscous in the open air; the retention cycle has been increased up to 3 years.

 Reinstallation of clutches is obligatory during the lines restoration.

The Hydrophobic low-temperature clutch filler GFZ-M-NT:

  It is intended for encapsulation of plastic connectors of communication cables.

 The Hydrophobic filler GFZ-M-NT is produced in accordance with TU 2513-002-509046667-02, it has a a sanitary-and-epidemiologic certificate and compatibility details.

 One can get the most effective result in restoration faulty (wet) cable lines using the hydrophobic filler and the machine for restoration of low and large capacity cables UVK-MM-2 produced by NPK Gidrofob RSM.

 The hydrophobic cable filler is produced and packaged in 200l barrels.

 The hydrophobic clutch filler is packaged in 310ml laminated tubes.

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