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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Equipment

– Performing works on pipe laying by the HDD method
Development and introduction of energy saving technologies

The main differences between UVK-MM-2 and UVK-MM (in brief)

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Characteristics     UVK-MM      UVK-MM-2
1 More reliable pump Plunger pump with valve slot distribution Axial piston pump with valve slot distribution and a rotating disk
2 Less power is required 8,5 А 6 А
3 Higher liquid ripple frequency 3 Hz 28 Hz
4 Automatic pressure controller Adjustable maximum safe pressure (10 kg/cm2... 15 kg/cm2) bypass valve Adjustable pressure within the limits 0 kg/cm2... 15 kg/cm2 differential regulator
5 Mechanism switching on the stirring device Open tooth clutch preventing from switching the device on while in operation A friction clutch in oil bath switching the device while in operating
6 More reliable reducer, high drive reliability Worm reducer and levers Worm reducer is replaced by parallel-shaft reducer with oblique-spur gears
7 Tank Covered by the acrylic resin cover Hermetic, covered by metal cover, protected from ingress of dirt and water
8 Voltage sign Rotation only in one direction Safety board is set to prevent the machine from reverse rotation
9 Tank level indicator It is in the tank. In order to look at it one should open the cover and look inside It is on the front panel
10 Simpler frame and shroud Big frame with a lot of panels Plane frame and bent shroud
11 Rotating speed of the stirring device was increased 200 rpm 900 rpm
12 Access to valves In the case of ingress of dirt the machine have to be disassembled All valves are on the front panel; so, there is no need to remove the shroud to disassemble them.
13 Dust- and waterproof There are some parts under the shroud, that need to be smeared from time to time There are no movable parts under the shroud; all of them are installed in the oil bath

Above-listed differences show that the machine UVK-MM-2 is more reliable and simpler in operation than UVK-MM.

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